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  • History
    Ittay Weiss

    Dr. Ittay Weiss discusses the cultural influence on the breakthrough discovery of the number zero and how it shaped modern mathematics.

    5 Jan, 2018
  • Essay

    TeamIndus, spearheading India's challenge to claim Google Lunar X prize, tell us how they plan to land their craft on the moon.

    13 Feb, 2018
  • Culture
    Ranjan R. Kelkar

    The range of moods and emotions experienced in a monsoon find a place in Indian music. Ranjan Kelkar takes us through this musical journey.

    20 Sep, 2017
  • Reflection
    Sam Pitroda

    India's telecom pioneer, Sam Pitroda, explains how physics shaped his world view.

    21 Jul, 2017
  • Opinion
    R. Rangarajan

    India needs a large and quality science base and the focus must be on undergraduate science education.

    24 Jul, 2017
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