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Graphical Vector Method for Solving Relative Velocity & Dynamics Problems with Causality Visualization
V. Shekoyan, S. Dehipawala, T. Holden, D. Lieberman, and T. Cheung
CUNY Queensborough Community College
A novel graphical vector method in the solving of the standard 2-object with pulley on an incline problem was devised and has been taught in the classroom setting. The case of pulley with inertia would not hinder the presented vector methodology in solving vector equations of motion in dynamics. The delivery plan would first prepare the class to use graphical vector method in solving relative velocity problems without the 90-degree velocity diagram convenience; and the visualization of causality through vector drawing has been emphasized. Good Physics Education delivery would be vital for doing Physics Education Research on the collected student performance data to assess student learning. Physics Education materials in spatial thinking training in relationship to the neuro-science learning research findings is discussed.