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Damped Motion Of Electron In Electric Conduction Due to Presence Of Magnetic AndAlternative Electric Fields At Right Angles And Closed Form
Soumendra Nath Maitra
Retired Professor
Flow of current in an electric conductor is attributed to movement of electrons in the opposite directions.In this paper a second-order differential equation of motion of an electron is formed taking into account a damping force owing to collisions between electrons and two applied forces,magnetic field and alternative electric field in perpendicular directions and has been completely solved in closed form subject to the prescribed initial conditions. The governing differential differential equation of motion is separated into two tractable simultaneous equations by use of complex number iota.It is proved that the effect of damping partially dies out after some time vis-a-vis theoretically after a long time,say,after infinite time. The acceleration,velocity and distance described by the electron at any instant of time are determined.Thereafter their maximum and minimum values are found out.