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A New and Simpler Method of Calculating Approximate Energies of Bound-State Potentials using the WKB Approximation
Praveen C. Jois M.N., Krishna Kumar Kowshik, Sai Smurti Samantaray, Simon Dahal and B.A. Kagali
M.P. Birla Institute of Fundamental Research
In this article, we discuss a new and simpler method employed to determine the approximate energies of certain bound-state potentials using the WKB approximation. In this method, the potentials are represented by a finite number of equally spaced rectangular step functions. The energy for each step is calculated using the Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization condition. Then, the total energy would be the sum of the energies determined for all steps in the potential. Specifically, we have determined the approximate energies for the Simple Harmonic Potential, The Double-Ramp Potential and the Quartic Potential. However, this method can be extended, in general, to any bound-state potential.