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Cosmological Special Relativity: Fundamentals and Applications
Mrittunjoy Guha Majumdar
St. Stephen's College
The theory of Special Relativity has been a centre of interest for the scientific community for more than a century now. In recent times, people have worked on various aspects of the subjects, besides attempting to disprove some of the postulates of Special Relativity and the emergence of ideas such as that of Doubly Special Relativity, one effort is especially noteworthy: Dr. Moshe Carmeli’s attempt at extending the concept of Special Relativity to the larger picture - our Cosmos. In his famous paper ‘Cosmological Special Relativity: The Large-Scale Structure of Space, Time and Velocity’ published in 1997, Dr. Carmeli has laid the framework for Cosmological Special Relativity. This paper is both a review and a research paper. It is an attempt at understanding the nuances of the subject and trying to work on certain key ideas put forth by the theory. I have focussed on the explanations provided by Cosmological Special Relativity for the accelerated expansion of the universe and the existence of Dark Matter, as per Galaxy Rotation Curves, later in the paper.