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An Indirect Analytical Method for Finding the Magnetic Field at any Point on the Azimuthal Plane of a Conducting Loop : A Filamentary Model Approach
Suman Aich, Joydeep Ghosh
Scientific Officer - C
Tokamak plasma characterisation is strongly correlated with the analysis of magnetic fields due to currents flowing in circular coils as well as in the plasma which forms a circular loop inside a toroidal chamber. The theoretical estimation of off-central magnetic induction on the azimuthal plane for a circular current carrying filamentary loop from Biot-Savart law comes up with a form that includes integral solution in terms of elliptic integrals, which requires numerical attempts for estimation. Here, we start from a result, obtained as a consequence of Biot-Savart law for a filamentary straight wire, and follow an approach for finding the same at any location on the plane of the circular conducting loop and end up with some interesting and useful outcomes, which avoid the computational attempts for evaluation of elliptic integrals.
Magnetic Field, Biot-Savart law.